SINGAPORE, April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With the continuing evolution of Large Language Model (LLM) for AI, many companies are exploring how to integrate it into their existing businesses to open new avenues for development. Recently, Longbridge Group, a fintech company based in Singapore, officially launched PortAI, which is a comprehensive intelligent assistant focused on the financial sector. This innovative product offers users two significant features, “One Click Summary” and “Intelligent Daily Report Recap”, providing a fresh perspective on financial information and an enhanced investment experience. PortAI is also the first financial AI application in the financial technology industry that is officially launched for users based on OpenAI GPT.

In the field of investment, rapid acquisition and accurate analysis of information are crucial. However, the vast and intricate amount of data often requires significant time and effort. To address this issue, Longbridge Group promptly embarked on the research and development of GPT and securities industry integration. Based on OpenAI GPT and using LongPort community financial information, discussion dynamics, real-time securities data, and unique fundamental deep data training, Longbridge has launched a comprehensive intelligent assistant “PortAI” that focuses on the financial sector, aiming to assist investors in “navigating the information port and exploring the investment world.”

The first feature currently available to users in PortAI is “One Click Summary.” This feature automatically identifies and extracts critical information and themes from lengthy texts, providing a concise and clear summary in seconds. With its capability of “Ten thousand words, Highlight in seconds”, investors can quickly extract the core points of lengthy financial articles and easily digest large amounts of information.

Taking a long article from “Dolphin Research” with over 4000 words as an example, PortAI can quickly extract the essential points into a concise summary of about 200 words. The user experience is also highly convenient. Users can easily access the summary by finding the sentence below the title of any article: “I am PortAI. I can summarize the information in the article,” and simply clicking the “Start” button on the right to witness the entire process of PortAI extracting and generating the key points in real-time.

The second feature is the “Intelligent Daily Report Recap”, a smart investment tool tailored to financial investors. PortAI can help users grasp the market dynamics comprehensively and enhance their understanding of their positions y aggregating and attributing important information from the previous trading day. Firstly, it can help investors quickly and deeply analyze massive amounts of data and information, gain a more precise understanding of key indicators such as market trends and market data specific to their portfolio, and make more confident and better investment decisions. Secondly, the PortAI Daily Report also has intelligent analysis capabilities, which can quickly and accurately identify various important events related to individual stocks in the portfolio, timely identify investment opportunities, and help users rapidly achieve efficient investment management.

Longbridge Group officially launched PortAI, which is a comprehensive intelligent assistant focused on the financial sector.
Longbridge Group officially launched PortAI, which is a comprehensive intelligent assistant focused on the financial sector.

According to the introduction released by Longbridge Group, “One Click Summary” and “Intelligent Review of the Daily Report” are just two specific applications among many powerful features of PortAI. In the future, Longbridge plans to release even more powerful AI functionalities such as “Omni-Invest AI Advisor” “SmartInvestor AI Tutor”, and “Indicator Analysis Assistant”. For example, the “Omni-Invest AI Advisor”, currently in internal testing, can assist investors in organizing and diagnosing individual stock information regarding their holdings and watchlist. PortAI can also alert investors to risks and provide high-quality services to users by integrating Longbridge’s leading fundamental data model, helping investors better seize trading opportunities.

According to sources, PortAI is the first comprehensive financial intelligent assistant available to users in the fintech industry, based on OpenAI GPT. The launch of ChatGPT and GPT-4 large language models by OpenAI this year has garnered widespread attention and triggered a new revolution in artificial intelligence globally. As leading companies like Bloomberg and Morgan Stanley explore the application of large language models in finance, “financial GPT” is expected to rapidly gain acceptance and bring about revolutionary changes to the fintech industry.

About Longbridge:

Longbridge Group is a pioneering fintect company, founded in March 2019 and headquartered in Singapore. The founding team comprises experienced financial managers from Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as technical experts from top global tech firms such as Alibaba and ByteDance. Longbridge has received strategic investments from Phillip Capital, a large comprehensive financial group in Southeast Asia, and Vision Plus Capital, a well-known venture capital institution. So far, Longbridge has obtained over 21 financial compliance licenses and qualifications have been approved in four locations worldwide, including Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, and New Zealand. Longbridge is committed to providing a new generation of internet securities trading services to global investors using cutting-edge financial technology and bringing innovative technologies and concepts to the fintech industry.