TOKYO, May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The online comprehensive real estate service platform, RENOSY provided by GA technologies Co.,Ltd  (Headquarters: Minato-Ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryo Higuchi, securities code: 3491; hereinafter referred to as the Company) recently released a research result about the level of interest on financial investment plans for retirement, along with the start of the new “Nippon Individual Savings Account” project launched by Financial Services Agency of Japanese Government. The research is conducted among the following three groups of people. 

  • Generation Z (Age 20 ~ 22); about 500 target audiences
  • Millennial generation (Age 27~ 35); about 500 target audiences
  • RENOSY service users (Age 27~ 35); about 100 target audiences

The age definition of each generation is based on the situation of Japan which might be slightly different from the Western society.

 Key Highlights:

1.   About 50% of targets from the two generations are anxious about their financial plans for retirement. On the other hand, about 30% of RENOSY users (real estate investors) are somewhat optimistic about the same question for those who started their financial plans at an earlier stage. 

2.  There is indeed a difference involved between the ones with investment experience and the ones who don’t for the methods they know or use for getting information about investment among the millennial generation group itself.

3.  About 70% of Generation Z youngsters are either interested about investment or have actual experience about it.

4.  Both generations prefer video streaming such as YouTube or TV as the main source for information gathering. 

Result Summary: 

  • Research time: 

(1) Targets of Generation Z:  December 31, 2022 ~ January 3, 2023

(2) Targets of Millennial Generation: December 31, 2022 ~ January 7, 2023

(3)Targets of RENOSY users: February 17, 2023~ February 27, 2023

  • Research method: 

(1)Both targets of Generation Z & Millennials: Conducted by GA technologies through an online survey platform called “FASTASK” provided by Just Systems Corporation. 

(2)RENOSY service users: Among those who actually purchased a real estate property and fit the requirements for this research. 

  • Age definition: 

(1) Generation Z: Age 20 ~ 22(By the time the research was conducted)

(2) Millennial Generation & RENOSY users: Age 27 ~ 35(By the time the research was conducted)

  • Target audiences: 

(1)Generation Z: Mainly students and fresh graduates (Work experiences for less than 3 years)

(2)Other two groups: Targets with work experiences for more than 4 years

  • Number of responses collected: 

(1)Generation Z: 487

(2)Millennial Generation: 514

(3)RENOSY users: 110

* Figure after the first decimal point is rounded off. 

 1Almost 50% of both Generation Z & Millennials showed their anxieties towards financial plans for retirement

Both generations researched in this time answered that they are unsure about their own financial plans about retirement (44.4% of Generation Z, 48.1% of Millennials), while 29.1% of RENOSY users are somewhat optimistic about it. 

When it comes to the question about personal investment experience of when did you start with your first investment? For RENOSY users (real estate investors), 37.3% of them began their investment during the first 3 years when they just came out of college. Other millennial targets started their first investment not until the 4th year to the 8th year after they came out of college. We can see that there is an obvious difference even within the same generation of people. As a result, how early a person starts a financial plan, in other words, doing investment as they get older does affect their viewpoints towards whether they are prepared for their retirements. 

2 There is a difference showed about methods of information gathering among Millennials   

Not only for the above question, for the methods they know about gathering information about investment, there is also a difference between the ones have the experience about investment and the ones who don’t among the Millennials. For those who do not commit to any form of investment before or now, the ways they know are as follows: Nippon Individual Savings Account (58.9%), National Stocks (54.3%), Foreign stocks (42.0%). For RENOSY users (experienced investors) the answers are as follows: Real estate (91.8%), National stocks (89.1%), investment mutual funds (85.5%). 

3 70% of Japanese Generation Z young people are interested or have experience about investment

From the pie chart below we can see the level of interest in investment among Japanese young people. 21.1% of them replied that they are doing some kind of investment for now while 9.4% replied that they did before but not at this point for some reasons. 37.4% showed they are interested in it regardless of having no experience about it. Overall, almost 70% of the Japanese young people (Generation Z) said that they are indeed interested in investment regardless of actual experience. Only 32% responded with no experience nor interest in it.

Japan Insights: Generation Z youngsters in Japan show their anxieties towards financial plans for retirement on an online research
Japan Insights: Generation Z youngsters in Japan show their anxieties towards financial plans for retirement on an online research

4Contents streaming platforms are the primary tools for both generations to get information

Finally, for the primary media tool the person uses for getting such information, the answers are as follows: YouTube (26.7%), Instagram (19.3%), TV(13.3%)among Generation Z. TV(23.9%)YouTube (20.4%), Twitter(14.4%)answered by Millennials. On the other hand, Millennials who have actual experience about investment gave a slightly different answers as follows: YouTube (30.9%),Twitter (14.5%), TV (12.7%). As we could see, tools such as YouTube and TV in which you have images or short video contents to watch with are popular among all ages regardless of experience. 

When we extend the question further to ask about the actual contents they referred to as information or guidelines on investment. Youtubers talking about such topics are the most popular. However, both generations replied that they also watch News contents, contents about the newest trends and Youtubers talking about a specific genre / field / logic other than investment. Whereas those who have the experience about investment prefer to gather more information on how to diversify the risks and tend to search for concrete examples of building up their investment. 

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