First, 45% of HR leaders interviewed considered “organizational transformation” as their top priority for 2024, and 37% of employees surveyed felt their teams lacked innovation, potentially leaving employers vulnerable to macro changes. Such a “transformation deficit” means that workforces will need to be mobilized and restructured, and processes will need a rethink in order for organizations to navigate current and future macro shocks. Also:

    • 5% of HR leaders interviewed had named AI as their top priority. AI came in as the ninth priority among HR employees surveyed. This indicates a sense of organizational hesitation when it comes to AI, which in 2024 is a trend worth monitoring.
    • 84% of employees surveyed cited trusting their managers. The role of leaders and managers to earn employees’ trust is a collective responsibility, and in 2024, managers have an important role to play with the constant support of HR.
    • For 2024, the data showed that the 3 Cs of driving performance will be: Connection, Conversation, and Coaching. The traditional approach to performance management and reviews tends to be ineffective and has been for a long time. Based on interviews with the 100+ global HR leaders, the research suggests the solution must be multi-faceted and encompass three aspects – connection, conversation, and coaching.