Custom COVID-19 solutions can help governments stay connected to stakeholders and use data insights to make quick decisions.

New and customized tools are constantly needed now to help governments pre-screen and route potential COVID-19 patients, support healthcare workers, and manage the flow of information and resources to residents.

In a bid to help governments weather the impact of the current pandemic, EY, SAP, and Qualtrics have collaborated on a comprehensive set of services and solutions to meet the initial urgent and critical needs of governments, globally.

These offerings are helping organizations take immediate action in the fight against COVID-19 and are available to all 50 US states and more than 90 countries worldwide. These Qualtrics and SAP solutions will be implemented by EY:

  • COVID-19 pre-screening and routing: This online, guided pre-screening questionnaire allows citizens concerned about COVID-19 to enter their symptoms, and automatically get routed to appropriate online resources or advice on seeking medical assistance. It provides instant access to relevant health and safety resources and produces automatic reports that identify any gaps in information availability.
  • COVID-19 dynamic Call Center script: Local governments are setting up call centers (often for the first time) to respond to the crisis. To reduce call volume and provide accurate, up-to-date information to callers, this solution directs residents to the right resources based on their interests/questions. It also includes automatic reporting showing caller trends, patterns, and gaps in information requests.
  • Healthcare Workforce Pulse: Governments need to monitor healthcare providers and their frontline healthcare workers within the healthcare ecosystem. This solution is designed to capture feedback on the resources, safety, resilience, and communication needs of those treating patients with the disease.
  • Critical care protocol solution: This is a customized solution for governments and health ministries focused on early identification for critical care/high-risk patients. The solution utilizes guidelines from the World Health Organisation and the Edmonton Frailty Scale, and is powered by a critical care protocol algorithm. The solution assists in early flagging of high-risk patients by sharing and analyzing results in real time, allowing for more targeted allocation of critical care services that are already in short supply.

The three organizations jointly declared: “Governments around the world are having to act quickly and decisively as they lead their citizens through uncertain times. These solutions and services help governments quickly interact with their citizens at scale by providing a means of collecting and analysing data in real time. This allows them to take immediate action amid an ever-changing situation and bring immense benefit to their citizens during the current crisis. We are proud to stand together to help governments use the power of experience management to navigate this difficult and unsettling situation as we all work to keep our communities and loved ones healthy and safe.”

According to corporate announcements, public entities around the world are rapidly deploying these free solutions and seeing immediate results. In addition, the services and solutions are provided in eight languages: English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, and Greek—through EY implementation and enablement services.