How a finance company in Vietnam grasped digitalization to nearly double customer satisfaction rates and reap operational savings.

Vietnamese finance company FE CREDIT has reported that customer satisfaction rates have gone up by up to 90% since their migration from a legacy on-premises system to a cloud-based customer experience (CX) platform.

With more than 50% market share in Vietnam, FE CREDIT’s 4,500 service, sales and collections agents use their CX platform solution to communicate with 10 million active customers across phone, email, chat and social channels. As a result of this implementation, the finance firm says it has transformed their legacy contact center into a modern customer experience centre ready for today’s digital consumer.

The solution that the company selected was Genesys Engage, an enterprise-grade omnichannel and multi-cloud customer engagement solution, to help it serve millions of disadvantaged, unbanked Vietnamese by providing intuitive access to simple, effective consumer finance products and services.

Said Fahad Siddiqui, deputy Chief Information Officer, FE CREDIT: “With FE CREDIT managing a huge customer base, (the solution) has become an integral part of our entire technology platform. Our customer servicing, sales, and collections are heavily dependent on Genesys, and its technology has not only helped us manage over a million calls that we receive daily, but also made the engagements highly personalized. What we have witnessed is not just great technology, but also an engagement that creates highly-informed relationships which we enjoy.”

Key factors that led FE CREDIT to implement Genesys’ solution include the solution’s ability to effectively handle approximately 10,000 inbound calls and 1.7 million outbound calls per day, as well as 5,000 emails, chats and social media sessions. The touted stability of the system also enables the fast-paced business to minimize its risk of downtime.

Creating a seamless customer experience

Prior to working with Genesys, FE CREDIT operated two siloed contact centres: one that focused on handling inbound customers inquiries, and the other dedicated to outbound collection.

After implementing their new cloud-based CX plaform FE CREDIT now has all customer data from their service, sales and collection teams unified in a single platform. This offers them a complete overview of the customer, enabling them to provide a seamless, connected experience at every touchpoint.

Previously, FE CREDIT relied purely on an outdated click-to-call method that took up to 12 seconds to connect to a customer. With the new solution, FE CREDIT’s employees can leverage a more comprehensive suite of features, including auto dialing, to drastically shorten the connection process and improve the call connection rate by over 30%.

Another benefit of the CX platform is better team visibility via a visual performance management tool. The company can now monitor operations down to their specific requirements, resulting in improved workforce coordination and efficiency.

Said Siddiqui: “The interface … is very intuitive in its look and feel. It is like a social platform that makes it easy for people to see, learn and use. Genesys has done a fantastic job on the user interface of this solution which will help us save both time and money on the training of our staff.”

Said Gwilym Funnell, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Genesys Asia-Pacific: “We’re proud of the business outcomes that FE CREDIT has achieved since deploying Genesys solutions. Our goal is to help organizations deliver the best customer experiences. For today’s consumer, that means end-to-end, highly personalized service on any channel. By leveraging cloud and artificial intelligence, we’re here to make that possible for any business of any size or scale.”