A Business Week “top management guru” is one of the faculty members conducting free leadership courses to the world.

To support business leaders and their organization during these unprecedented times, American business school Michigan Ross Executive Education has launched a series offering free online seminars centered around Organizational and Leadership Resilience in Challenging Times.

Aired weekly on Thursdays, each seminar will feature insights from one of their Michigan Ross faculty members and will include a Q&A session for participants to share questions or clarifications.

In this week’s edition, Professor Dave Ulrich will share insights on “Discovering Opportunities in Crisis: Implications for individuals, leaders, and organizations”, including tips and insights for optimizing inside a crisis.

Prof Ulrich is currently the Rensis Likert Collegiate Professor of Business Administration at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and a partner at The RBL Group (a consulting firm focused on helping organizations and leaders to deliver value).

He is also a renowned speaker, author and management coach, specializing in Human Resources management, leadership and organizational management. Business Week has even named the professor a “Top Management Guru”. Interested readers wishing to advance their management insights while working from home can register for the session here.

Previous online seminar sessions such as “Leadership Communication in a Crisis”, “How to Make Working From Home Work for You: Advice from the Gig Economy” and “Why Remote Work Makes Teams and Leaders Better” are also archived at the portal for participants’ reference.

In addition to these free online seminars, Michigan Ross is also expanding its portfolio of digital education opportunities to equip business executives and leaders with the necessary competencies to prepare them and their organization for success in the post-COVID-19 economy.

According to the school, these digital course offerings “provide dynamic learning experiences, giving participants access to world-class faculty who are at the forefront of their disciplines and adept at translating academic work into effective business practices.”