The 5G revolution for marketers

Three reasons why 5G will revolutionize marketing for Asia’s advertisers.

The 5G revolution is imminent and Asia’s tech-savvy consumers are increasingly excited about the benefits it will bring, but are marketers prepared to capitalize on the immense creative, innovation and data rewards it entails?

Verizon Media recently polled advertisers and consumers in SE Asia on how they expect 5G to transform their experiences. Here are some key insights:

  • 53% of those polled are extremely excited about the impending arrival of 5G
  • 62% are looking forward to better connectivity for wearables
  • 59% are excited about higher-definition video content
  • 59% are happy it will bring better consistency and quality of video streaming

Verizon Media also explains the big ways 5G will be a game changer for advertisers:

  • Improvement to content production
  • More immersive ad formats
  • Better targeting with more data
  • Enhanced video streaming experiences