Submission of nominations

21 Feb. - 22 Apr. 2022
25 Apr. - 28 Apr. 2022

Qualification & validation

Voting process

2 May - 3 Jun 2022
6 Jun - 24 Jun 2022

Award winners confidentially notified

Virtual Award Ceremony

30 June 2022
16 August 2022

Winners' virtual fireside chat

21 Feb. - 22 Apr. 2022

Submission of nominations

25 Apr. - 28 Apr. 2022

Qualification & validation

2 May. - 3 Jun 2022

Voting process

6 Jun - 24 Jun 2022

Award winners confidentially notified

30 June 2022 | 12pm

Award ceremony

16 August 2022

Winners' virtual fireside chat

DigiconAsia DX Solution Excellence Awards 2022

The inaugural Annual DigiconAsia DX Solution Excellence Awards recognizes the best-in-class vertical industry solutions linked to remarkable innovations that advance business transformation for the digital economy.

This Readers’ Choice awards program will showcase developments in the productivity and potential of business applications as well as digital technologies that contribute significantly to improved efficiency, agility and performance of an organization.

The DigiconAsia Awards 2022 is delivered by ThinkLogic Media Group, the region’s benchmark enterprise tech demand-generation team and owner of leading online media portals DigiconAsia, CybersecAsia and MartechAsia.



This Awards program is another initiative in our continuous effort to pioneer innovative approaches in developing content and community – in partnership with the region’s leading tech innovators and solution providers – for Asia Pacific organizations to become competent and effective in building exceptional digital experience in their respective industry sectors.

Winners of the DigiconAsia DX Awards 2022 will also be invited as thought leaders to participate in our Pillars of the Digital Economy virtual fireside chat, to share their perspectives on the challenges and solutions for digital transformation and the ingredients required for a smooth and purposeful DX journey.


Winning solution/service provider will be conferred “Digital Innovator of the Year 2022” in each of these 14 industry-specific categories:

General construction, mechanical/electrical and civil engineering, building and architectural services
Legal and accounting services, management consulting, advertising and PR, human capital consultancy and services, corporate secretary and administrative support services

Schools, colleges, polytechnics, universities and other educational and training services

Electricity, gas, water, sewage and waste management companies; food farming and production, forestry, lumbering/logging; coal, metals and minerals mining, petroleum, oil and gas extraction, quarrying

Banks, finance and insurance companies; securities, commodities and investment-related services; e-payments and debit/credit cards

State and local government, law enforcement, defense, statutory boards and embassies; public parks, libraries, museums and other amenities

Hospitals, ambulatory health services, medical laboratories, care facilities, pharmacies, pharmaceutical labs, biomedical, biotech and biopharma companies

Postal, courier, supply chain, warehousing and storage services; air, sea and land transportation companies

Tobacco, leather, wood, paper, chemical, metallic and non-metallic, machinery, electrical equipment, furniture, textile and garment, footwear, headgear, fashion accessories, watches
Marketing and modelling agencies, event management, venues, exhibition and stage design, fashion runways, audio-visual equipment, stage and sound talent, and related services
Real estate and property services and agencies, facilities management, landscaping and horticulture, physical security services and solutions


Entries will be accepted only from solution and service providers with a regional headquarters in Asia Pacific

Highlighted digital initiative, project or program is completed between January 2021 and date of submission

Ability to establish and quantify how it is innovative and how it has disrupted the industry or market landscape

Ability to quantify the business impact and value gained or delivered through the digital transformation, and the commercial potential of the resulting digital service or solution

Bonus: ability to articulate how the initiative helps the organization to adapt to the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic


Innovative features of DX-related solution that meet specific industry sector needs and demands in Asia Pacific

✔ Users’ feedback on the deployment of the solution or service

Ability of solution/service to:

  • enhance employee and/or customer experience
  • Improve operational efficiencies and/or productivity
  • Contribute effectively to business performance/profitability


Nominations will be qualified and validated by DigiconAsia’s editorial panel, using a predefined scoring system. The scoring is indicated in the Nomination Form for your reference and convenience, but the scores will not be disclosed.

Submissions will be judged based on the digital innovation that most effectively enhances employee and customer experience, operational efficiencies and productivity, and business performance and profitability.

Validated and qualified nominations will be put up for DigiconAsia readers’ online voting, and the 2 nominations with the highest votes for each Award category shall emerge the winners.

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