Video: Ryder exploits automation opportunity and drive success with citizen developers

How Ryder improved logistics efficiency and productivity with Intelligent Automation
Ryder implements robotic automation

Adopting robotic process automation (RPA) helped Ryder’s workforce to be more efficient, drive more accuracy, and removed non-value touchpoints, especially in customer service and back-end logistics.

Ryder aimed to optimize and consolidate client orders, which required both human and system processes. This is normally done overnight as they are preparing orders for clients to pack out in warehouses the next day.

Leveraging citizen developers, Ryder automated highly manual tasks associated with planning optimization in their legacy management system (TMS).

Using Kofax RPA, Ryder has increased visibility via API calls across all their truckloads, and optimizing them. It has also helped to automate their customer systems as well as removed the manual tasks of updating data points.

Today, Ryder’s key talents don’t perform manual repetitive tasks anymore. Instead, they are focused on more important and impactful functions.

Automating tasks allows Ryder to be more efficient in terms of managing its operations and growing the business – without the need for additional headcount.

This case study shows how Ryder improved their logistics and customer service by implementing low-code Intelligent Automation.

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