BUCHAREST, Romania, Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Yarooms, the creator of the innovative Workplace Experience Platform, has launched a Visitor Management System designed to enhance visitor experiences while ensuring office efficiency and security in today’s dynamic work environments.

Yarooms VM is a modern visitor management solution for maintaining the security of employees, assets, and sensitive information within a workplace. It allows businesses to track and monitor who enters their premises, reduce the risk of unauthorized access, optimize front desk operations, and foster a professional and welcoming environment.

The Yarooms Visitor Management System system offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to the diverse needs of modern organizations. It includes automatic and manual visitor pre-registration, custom data entry steps, on-site visitor check-in via digital reception, arrival notifications to hosts, adjustable multi-location settings, and comprehensive visitor analytics to support workplace decisions with data.

The system’s interface is tailored to be both user-friendly and customizable, enabling businesses to effortlessly align it with brand guidelines and maintain a consistent brand experience for their visitors.

We’re thrilled to introduce Yarooms VM, the next step in the evolution of our comprehensive workplace experience suite,” said Dragos Badea, Founder and CEO of Yarooms. “Understanding our clients’ concern for securely streamlining workplace interactions, we made it our top priority to offer a solution that addresses this. With Yarooms VM, you get everything you expect from a modern visitor management system, already integrated with your favorite desk booking, room booking, hybrid work, and workplace analytics solutions.

For more information about Yarooms VM and Workplace Experience Platform, please visit Yarooms website.

About Yarooms

Yarooms is a Romanian+US tech company that has been creating a powerful yet easy-to-use Workplace Experience Platform since 2010. Their desk booking, meeting room booking, work planning, workplace carbon tracking, and visitor management solutions deliver top-tier workplace experiences to organizations in over 50 countries. Clients include financial institutions, government authorities, or educational institutions such as Columbia University, Dedalus, National Health Service, AAA, Dr. Martens, and Cerved.