GURUGRAM, India, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The company plans to deploy the capital to triple its headcount, inorganic growth and strengthen the product roadmap.

Entering 2023, one of the fastest-growing ad tech firms, Silverpush has successfully raised Series-C funding of US $12M led by JM Finance PE.

Silverpush, a contextual solution provider, helps brands and advertisers transition to a cookieless future through their proprietary AI platform.

Commenting on the fund-raised, Hitesh Chawla, CEO of Silverpush, said, ” Brands need technologies like contextual advertising that target the right audience without relying on third-party cookies. After seeing significant global expansion, we’ve focused our efforts on making similar advancements in the United States.”

Consumers worldwide have become increasingly concerned about the use of their collected data. Mirrors by Silverpush, the world’s first AI-based in-video context detection technology, solves this problem by helping brands reach their target audience in the most secure way possible.

Such innovations by Silverpush will not only solve the privacy issues faced by customers worldwide but also minimize ad waste by targeting relevant audiences.

Kartik Mehta, COO of Silverpush, added: “The data privacy landscape has shifted more towards the consumers. Our AI-Powered solution: Mirrors, helps brands establish and build customer trust by keeping their data secure and delivering personalized experiences while remaining compliant with the regulations.”

About Silverpush

Silverpush is an advertising technology firm providing AI-Powered contextual solutions. The goal is to help brands and agencies target relevant audiences without meddling with their privacy. The company has worked with Ford, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Samsung, etc. Silverpush operates in 10+ countries across South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the USA, the UK, and India.

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