SURABAYA, Indonesia, June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HaluApp unveiled its new office headquarters today at an event hosted by the firm and attended by over 50 businesses, Animation-Comic-Gaming creators, and media partners.

Website Screenshot
Website Screenshot

Located in the heart of Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest commercial city, HaluApp’s new 50-seater integrated space in Tanrise Property’s flagship Voza Tower encompasses a livestream space and social area that will play a pivotal role in bringing creators and brands together for partnerships and collaboration.

HaluApp's Office
HaluApp’s Office

Today, HaluApp is an online marketplace and digital home to one of the most exciting creator communities in Indonesia – the Animation, Comics and Gaming (ACG) sector. With investment in the new facilities, HaluApp plans to build the future of the ACG industry by defining how ACG creators socialize with fans, monetize their creativity, and partner with businesses.

New Opportunities for Creators in Animation, Comics, and Gaming

Andree Wijaya, Co-Founder, HaluApp shared, “HaluApp is a platform founded on the belief that technology and innovation always play a pivotal economic role in transforming how people and businesses become more productive.”

“Over the next 6 months, HaluApp will complement our online marketplace platform with media, marketing and creative production capabilities that can better serve the next generation of ACG creators and our brand business partners in Indonesia,” Andree added.

Creators in HaluApp’s network can access HaluApp facilities and enjoy various perks and rewards, including livestream studios, wholly-owned exclusive social events, value-added professional services, and more.

Growth in Indonesia’s ACG Creative Economy Sector

Yoshi Gondokusumo, Co-Founder, HaluApp added, “This office is designed for our creators and employees; for them to feel energized, productive, and proud of their creation. The open design of this studio aligns with HaluApp’s ethos of being respectful, lively, and professional.”

“We’d like HaluApp to be the destination for global brand and business partners looking to collaborate with the thousands of Animation, Comics, and Gaming creators in Indonesia. This HaluApp studio facility in Surabaya is open 24/7 to enable and support that monetization without constraints,” Yoshi shared.

HaluApp sees that Indonesia’s massive population has the potential to bring in huge numbers to the worldwide Animation, Comics and Gaming scene. Indonesia’s launch of tentpole events in the top echelon of the ACG industry, such as Comic Con, Dota’s Bali Majors, and female-centric WSL MLBB Esports Competition, are telling signs to the future of ACG creators and fan engagement in the world’s fourth most populous country.

Opening New Doors for Businesses and ACG Creators

For historic context, Animation, Comics and Gaming from Asia have always played a central role in the global media and entertainment culture, especially in Indonesia. Over the past months, events such as Comic Con and Comifuro saw a spike in attendees and ACG entertainment viewers in Indonesia.

Marcell Tee, Co-Founder, HaluApp said, “With the rapid growth in the number of creators, tools, and consumers, ACG has a great future in this region. HaluApp sits at a unique intersection of commerce, creators, and technology for the ACG industry.”

Marcell added, “We invite those interested to collaborate in the Animation, Comics, and Gaming industry in Indonesia with this simple message: HaluApp welcomes you.”

About HaluApp:

HaluApp is the number 1 marketplace for weebs in Indonesia. Our mission is to inspire and grow the creator economy in Indonesia’s Animation, Comics and Gaming sectors. Facilitated by our innovative digital marketplace platform, HaluApp focuses on advancing the creative economy in the region. Indonesia’s first ACG creator-centric platform, HaluApp can be accessed online through our website and in the Play Store.

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