GUANGZHOU, China, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The international FM transmitter manufacturer, FMUSER Broadcast, is helping the local radio stations in the Philippines for business expansion with the launch of FU-1000C China 1000w fm transmitter and packages.

FU-1000C FM transmitter 1000 watt offers a larger budget space and long-distance coverage and is good for building community radio stations, campus radio stations, FM church radio stations, town radio stations and mining area radio stations in Philippines.

As a 1000 watt FM transmitter specially designed for the complex and changeable climates in the Philippines, the FU-1000C is featured by:

  • XLR, SCA and USB supported
  • Automatic SWR protection
  • RF efficiency>75%
  • SNR≥70 dB (1 kHz, 100% modulation)

The FU-1000C 1000w FM transmitter, along with main radio station equipment packages will help save more costs for Philippines FM radio stations that are already under construction or planned to be constructed.

FU-1000C 1KW FM transmitter packages include:

  • FU-1000C+RDS encoder
  • FU-1000C+antenna system
  • FU-1000C+antenna system+RDS encoder

FMUSER has landed these packages to the local warehouses in Philippines and major online B2B platforms. A specialist is in charge of local sales services, NTC radio license applying, product fast delivery, real-time communucations, etc.

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To celebrates the 13th anniversary of the foundation, FMUSER BROADCAST extra supplies in Philippines with the following transmitter series, wholesale orders are welcomed at good cost:

  • CZE church FM transmitters: CZE-7C 7W, CZE-05B 0.5W, CZE-15A/15B 15W,CZE-T251 25W.
  • FMT low power FM transmitters for campus: FMT-50W, FMT-150W, FMT-200W, FMT-350W, FMT-600W, FMT-1KW.
  • FMT high power FM radio stations: FMT-2 KW, FMT-3.5 KW, FMT-5KW

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