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Completing the puzzle for roaming users in healthcare

Healthcare professionals at Metro Health can seamlessly access medical imaging and other graphics-intensive applications from any location using VDI powered by NVIDIA GRID.

Completing the puzzle for roaming users in healthcare

Metro Health is an integrated healthcare provider that offers expert, award-winning care from 15 locations in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and surrounding areas. Services offered include nationally-recognized heart and vascular services, various inpatient and outpatient specialty services, a cancer center, and a wellness and community education program.

Doctors, nurses, and other professional users routinely roam within the hospital and between locations as part of carrying out their duties. These users require fast, reliable access to their applications and data from anywhere within the Metro Health network in order to enter information, view studies, and perform other related tasks.

An in-house solution was developed but did not offer a full virtual desktop because of the inherent limitations of both the browser-based interface and the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Despite improvements made to the system through technological advances, none of the available solutions could offload graphics processing from the CPU until NVIDIA GRID came into the picture and provided the final piece of the puzzle to complete the Metro Health vision of delivering full roaming access to doctors, nurses, and other professionals.

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