The Power of Adobe Acrobat Sign and Microsoft

Learn how Acrobat Sign and Microsoft work together to deliver faster and more efficient business transactions.


Work has changed, and it happens wherever companies want to get things done, paving the way to an all-digital, remote, and hybrid world, prompting the need to adopt solutions to make work happen more efficiently, faster, and with less friction to ultimately win with digital workflows.

Make the e-signature capabilities businesses depend on work right inside Microsoft applications that your employees are familiar with to get more things done more efficiently and deliver a better employee and customer experience in the process.

Acrobat Sign can take your digital workflows a step ahead, which can be integrated into Microsoft applications to check all the boxes for every organisation, from contract signing to onboarding people and speeding up business transactions.

This infographic shows how organisations can use Adobe Acrobat Sign x Microsoft integrations to win with digital workflows, which you can consider applying in your company.

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